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Love Never Ends

Brandy Martin was in her senior year of high school when she tragically passed away following a routine surgery.

Devastated and heart-broken by the death of her daughter, Connie Martin is left struggling with the will to live, questioning her own religious faith and grasping for answers. This is her personal account in which she copes following an extraordinary visit from her daughter’s spirit, giving her the message of love and hope.

This was the beginning of many messages from Brandy to her mother and father from the other side — through many individuals, far and wide. Connie’s quest to understand this phenomenon and the need to know of her daughter’s well-being in spirit, led her on an incredible journey, both physically and spiritually.

In Love Never Ends, Connie Martin and her pastor, Barry Dundas, tell this compelling story of love between our world and the afterlife, ultimately a story of healing and hope for anyone who has said goodbye to someone they love.

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